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Prenatal yoga increases flexibility, strength, circulation and balance.
Yoga increases nutritional substance to the cells and tissues of both mother and baby.
Potential nausea from shifting hormones can be reduced through yoga specific postures.

Yoga allows the opportunity to remain active while building strength and balance in a gentle and supportive environment.
The internal awareness cultivated in yoga helps keep the body balanced in its new alignment rather than leading to backache and leg cramps.
Yoga specific postures and breathing techniques help increase breath capacity when space in the body becomes limited by growing baby.
Prenatal yoga reverses the negative effects of the gravitational force applied to the organs, tissues, and bones.

Yoga helps minimize discomfort.
Yogic breathing techniques help mother and baby receive more oxygen.
Bending and stretching keep increased fluid within the body flowing, rather than pooling and swelling in the feet and legs.
Standing poses and lunges improve energy and stamina, vital during labor and delivery.
Squatting and hip openers keep the hips and pelvis loose and flexible avoiding nerve compression (like sciatica).
The body becomes more flexible due to hormonal changes.  Yoga teaches how to stretch safely, without destabilizing the body.

Focus and confidence gained through practice helps create an empowering birthing experience.
The ability to be present and breathe into the sensations of stretching or holding a strenuous pose allows for a kind of softening and letting go that directly applies to the experience of labor.
Yoga increases endorphin production in the brain, including serotonin and melatonin, which help the body naturally reduce the sensation of pain.
The ability to eliminate panic and relax may reduce the length of labor and the experience of pain during contractions.

Strength gathered through practice helps with recovery.
Meditative awareness gained through practice helps in the world of new motherhood, when sleep is at a premium and anxiety can run high.
Postnatal practice helps to restore and strengthen muscles that have been strained from pressure and weight gain.