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Universal Yoga Center
1 Campion Road, 2nd Floor, New Hartford, NY
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One who is established in self, who has balanced doshas [primary life force], balanced agni [fire of digestion], properly formed dhatus [tissues], proper elimination of malas [waste products], well functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, soul, and senses are full of bliss is called a healthy person.

Ayurvedic practices include: lifestyle, food, herbs, yoga, meditation, pranayama [yogic breathing techniques] and massage.


TBD | 1 – 3 WORKSHOP | 3 – 4 Q & A
During the night the body works to clear toxins. Toxins are deposited into the colon and skin. Ayurveda recommends a daily regimen upon waking that cleanses and cares for the organs. Ayurvedic practices for cleansing the mouth, teeth, tongue, nasal passages, eyes, ears, and skin will be demonstrated. You will be given an opportunity to experience oiling and cleansing the mouth, cleansing the eyes, oiling the ears, and abhyanga [ayurvedic self oil massage]. This workshop will end with savasana [relaxation]. Organic coconut and sesame oil will be provided. Please wear loose fitting clothing that allows you to oil the legs, arms, belly, and back. *Oil can stain, so be mindful of what you wear. Please bring a large towel to sit on and your toothbrush. $15.00 PER WORKSHOP

TBD | 1 – 3 WORKSHOP | 3 – 4 Q & A
When there is ease [balance] in the body and mind the doshas are working together in harmony. When there is dis-ease [imbalance] it is often due to an excess of Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Excess is a result of improper use of the senses [sight, sound, taste, touch and smell]. Knowledge of the qualities associated with each dosha, and practices that support bringing the excess dosha back into balance, will empower you to dive deeper into your own self-awareness. $15.00 PER WORKSHOP

TBD | 1 – 3 WORKSHOP | 3 – 4 Q & A
This workshop will provide an introduction to the five elements [ether, air, fire, water and earth]. All five elements are present in everyone, though in varying degrees. The elements represent themselves physically through what ayurveda calls the doshas.  Vata dosha represents the elements of ether and air. Pitta dosha represents the elements of fire and water.  Kapha dosha represents the elements of water and earth. An ayurvedic evaluation form will be provided. The evaluation will help to determine what elements are currently dominant physically and emotionally. All of ayurveda’s healing practices are based on an understanding of how to use the elements to balance the body and mind. $15.00 PER WORKSHOP